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Club meetings

Meetings are held at the Methodist Church Rooms, Toftwood on the first and third Thursday’s of the month. More information is available on the club schedule. Car parking is available outside the Hall.

Meetings are from 19:30 until 21:30. It may be necessary to start earlier for outdoor photo meeting or events at other clubs - it’s often possible to arrange car sharing. Details will be available prior to the event, or by contacting the Club Chairman. Information will also be posted on the Dereham Photographic Club website.

Outdoor evenings may need to be cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions, in which case the meeting will take place at the Methodist Church Rooms as normal. In the event that a meeting has to be cancelled, members will be informed via the club website and by email.

See the schedule

How to find us

From Station Road past the Leisure centre (on left) and turn left at mini roundabout onto London Road. Turn right at traffic lights onto the A1075. Continue along A1075, past Middlemarch road (on the right) then take next right turn onto Chapel Lane. The Methodist Church Rooms are on the right.

Members and charges

The annual membership fee is £20.00. A charge of £3.00 is to be paid on the door at each meeting - tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided at no extra charge.

Emergency procedures

All Members should familiarise themselves with the position of all the emergency exits. In the event of an emergency all Members are to leave the premises immediately and assemble at a safe distance. Please ensure everyone is accounted for and help guide visitors unfamiliar with the emergency procedures.

Club competition rules

Only currently paid-up members are eligible to enter club competitions. Prints must be mounted on card and preferably backed with a suitable backing card - masking tape should not be used to attach your backing sheet.

A label should be affixed to the back of the mount with the title of the print along with your membership number. Please don’t write your name on the back of prints. Your club membership number can be found on the receipt that you are given when you have paid your subscription fee.

Any image that receives a first, second or third certificate in any club competition cannot be re-entered in any format (colour or monochrome print) in a club competition within a period of twenty-four months from the winning date, with the exception of the panel competition where this rule does not apply.

Print competitions

There are two sections in this competition - Colour Print and Monochrome Print. Members may enter up to two photographs in each section. Each print must have a minimum print area of 300 square centimetres. i.e. 8x6in or 20x15cm. The size of the print mount can be any size up to 50x40cm, or 70x30cm for panoramic prints.

Panel competition

Entry will consist of 4 digitally projected photographs, linked by a theme of your choice. Photographs used in this competition ONLY are not restricted and may include ANY print that has previously been entered into any previous club competition.

General Enquiries & Club Contacts

If you have any questions, why not get in touch and drop us an email


Tom Bradley
[email protected]


Steve Carnell
[email protected]


Susan Hall
[email protected]


Glen Withers
[email protected]